6 Feet Extension Cord for Lift Chair or Power Recliner, Replacement Power Supply Cable for Okin Limoss Lazboy Pride Catnapper


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6 Feet Extension Cord Replacement for Lift Chair or Power Recliner Power Supply Cable Connects between Motor

Compatible with: MD140-02-L1-157-292 MD140-02-L1-157-307 450312 450867 450867L ZB-A290020-B 500407 MC140-29V 2A
Okin Chair Lift Control; Syleaf OKIN Tranquil Ease;

Compatible with:OKIN SP2-B2 PD18 79065 SP2B2 SP2 B2 Deltadrive 24V Fits Golden Technologies GM2000 TR GM2000TR
GM1500-LM PR712 PR630 PR756 PR-756MC 33 PR-502 PR510 PR-510-MLA PR-510-MLA-DSM-BCL PR-510-SME PR-751 PR751TY
PR-401 PR401L PR-722 PR501 PR-501M PR501JP PR508 PR508M PR505 PR-505L PR505MC PR-710

Compatible with: Limoss Akku Pack MC160 ZB-B1800 Lift Chair MC-160 ZBB1800 Recliner Power Recliners 500565 500685 500585
Pulaski; Kaidi KDDY001 KDDY008 KDDY001B CL2902-A CL2902-1 CL29021 Limoss Okin Ashley Li-ion Battery Pack KDDY022 KD
KDYJT003 KDYJT003-22 PWR017 KDDY008B 29V KDPT005 KDPT 005 KDPT005-38 KDPT005-44 KDPT005-15 Motion Furniture
Linear Actuator Electric Power Recliner Lift Chair Motor PSK2918A HHC;

Compatible with: Tranquil Ease Raffel SW-0209 SW-2621 IVP2900-1650 SPS-1.65A29V-01-CAT FS2900-2000 FS29002000 SPS-
165A29V-01-CAT IVP2900-2000 SPS-2A29VDC-BU FBS Linear Actuator LMD6205 24VDC Lift Chair Motor DRVMOTR1171 PSK651
Pride Mobility PSK651B CTLDC1582 LC-215 CL-15 LC-15 LC215 LC-250 CL-30 LC-30 CL30 LC30 LC250 LC-358 LC-358L LC358XL
LC358XXL LC-358M LC358S/M GL-358 GL-358-S 25V Power Recliner Inline ASW0381-24015002B 9500002 S500002

Compatible with: Okin PD13 PD 13 65447 09-290020 PD18 83479 SP2-B SP2-A SP2-B1 SP2-A1 PD21 SW-4052 Version
JLDP.10.013.000-D Refined-R Mod JLDQ-11 JLDQ11 JLDQ.11.156.333K JLDQ.11.156.333D 24V 50W SP-SW-2-0-1-01-20 PO07-0805RSC7440711 DELTADRIVE 72506 3R0065 Beta Drive 129 N09 3.00.402.069.30 Tranquil
Ease Lift Chair or Power Recline ASW0081-2920002-01

2 Pin connection (one round, one flat) , power recliner DC output extension motor cable.
Cable connects between motor and power supply transformer(motor and transformer not included).
Used as an extension DC output cable for the lift chairs or power recliner transformer.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer 24/7 service and no reason return and refund, if you have any question about our product, please feel free to contact.

6 Feet Extension Cord for Lift Chair or Power Recliner, Replacement Power Supply Cable for Okin Limoss Lazboy Pride Catnapper


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